Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thorn bush

Well here it is 40 hours and done. I really enjoyed doing such a large format, even in charcoal!
After 30 hours - and still going.................

This is my most recent work, a 2 meter by 1,5 meter charcoal drawing. It is no where near finished even with the 20 hours already spent on it. Same again to finished stage I would guess.

A close up of one corner.


  1. So lovely! Hi there - it seems you haven't updated this blog in quite some time - is there any way you could contact me about possibly using this charcoal thorn work for album cover art??? my email is mrdariusgreene@gmail.com

  2. I would like to purchase that painting please. Email me at seannejosanders@gmail.com

  3. Hi, please contact me in regards to licensing your thorn image. mark@gaugebranding.com